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Join the Refill Revolution!

#WorldRefillDay is upon us! Today, join the millions of people around the world committing to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and #BreakFreeFromPlastic.

Single use plastic - straight to the facts:

  • Half of the 300,000,000 tonnes of plastic produced each year is single use

  • A million single use plastic bottles are sold every minute

  • In the UK alone we use 2,500,000,000 coffee cups per year

  • Single use plastic can only be recycled once before ending up in landfill

  • Less than 2% of globally produced packaging is recyclable

How can we help?

With the issue of single use plastic ever-growing, it can seem like a daunting task to try and reverse this trend. Let’s focus on the Three R’s of World Refill Day and the #WeChooseReuse campaign. We're asking you to:

  • Reduce - cut down the amount of single use plastic in our lives, from buying loose veg to finally using that metal water bottle to avoid disposable alternatives

  • Reuse - reusing any and all plastic as many times as possible, saving it from landfill or a single recycling. Repurpose it as much as possible, time to get creative!

  • Refill - find ways to use refillable packaging, from local eco shops to glass bottle milk delivery - find local refill points on the free Refill app

  • Sign the #WeChooseReuse commitment and send the message to decision-makers that there is demand for reuse.

If we all follow the Three R’s, not just today on Refill Day but throughout our lives, we can all help to make a dent in the world’s addiction to single use plastic.

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