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  • What is the Scarab Trust? What does it do?
    The Scarab Trust is a small, registered charity of volunteers working to connect the dots for the public and people working on solutions to environmental problems, focussing on waste and energy. We provide summarised, comprehensive and free information about plastics pollution, helping to bridge the gap of misinformation to create action, inspire, drive conversation and collaboration in an impactful way.
  • Who runs the Trust?
    Our Trustees are Mark Johnston and Arnie Vetter.
  • How is the Trust's agenda determined?
    Ultimate decisions about projects are made by the Trustees following consultation with others involved.
  • Who funds the Trust's running & project costs?
    All our current funding is unallocated and comes from donations by individuals.
  • How can I get involved?
    Visit our "Contact us" page.
  • How I contact you?
    Email: Phone: +44 7957 595617
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