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Our Mission

Crushed Plastic Bottles

Who We Are

The Scarab Trust is a small, registered charity of volunteers working to connect the dots for the public and people working on solutions to environmental problems, focussing on waste and energy. We provide summarised, comprehensive and free information about plastics pollution, helping to bridge the gap of misinformation to create action, inspire, drive conversation and collaboration in an impactful way. 


Collaborating with our team of volunteer writers, we create short, edible and comprehensive blog posts and articles aimed at impartial members of the public, those with little knowledge of the issues and no time to spend more than a couple of minutes.

We take top level, sometimes technical, information gained through our networks and make it available for our audience in a way that is easy to understand. Our current focus is plastic pollution, and we work closely with members of the #BreakFreeFromPlastic Movement around the world to help turn off the tap on plastic.


Our History

Since 1993 we have worked with local and national government bodies, voluntary organisations and communities to broaden understanding about waste and energy. Among other activities, we have established local community networks, helping householders monitor their energy use, schools review their environmental impact and businesses reduce their waste and energy costs.

We have produced renewable energy factsheets for local architects and designers, held a renewables exhibition and seminar for local businesses, and most recently brought together local activists and national organisations with the local London authority in Hackney to generate projects tackling litter.

Our Contributors

The meaning behind “Scarab”

Scarab: For the Egyptians Khepri, the Scarab God, represented the rising sun and symbolised the renewal of life and the idea of eternal existence; the sun: the source of Earth’s energy; the scarab beetle: one of Nature’s recyclers. For us the scarab beetle can represent a sustainable future through responsible use of resources.


If you would like to contribute as a writer or in any other way, send us your details, we would love to get to know you!

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