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Someone Left the Plastic Running...

.. it’s time to turn off the tap.

Community Cleans/ Pollution Picks / Litter picks are essential to keep our local environment safe and habitable but we can't do this forever. Somehow we must find a way to change behaviour around ‘use once and throw away’.

Unlike glass, plastic can't be recycled without using more raw material, and can't be reused repeatedly.

The #WeChooseReuse campaign asks us to: reduce the amount of single use plastic and packaging in our daily lives, and send the message that reuse and refill are the way forward.

World Refill Day (Thursday 16th June), a global campaign to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste, is a part of this.

On that day we’re asking you to:

  • Make a small change to your daily routine and switch from single-use plastic to a refillable container. There is an app to help you find where to refill.

  • Support the grocery stores, cafés and restaurants that champion reuse over single-use and that accept reusable cups, containers and bottles for take-away.

  • Tell people about what you’re doing using #WorldRefillDay

  • Sign the #WeChooseReuse commitment and send the message to decision-makers that there is demand for reuse.


For more information contact:

Go to Donate to help us continue the fight against plastic.

*Video clip from Ocean Cleanup. This is an organisation that is making a valiant attempt to remove plastic from rivers and sea. Unfortunately, with only 0.5% of plastic being within reach on the surface of the sea, this is but a drop in the ocean of plastic. More plastic is being produced than the world can possibly collect or even dispose of, and we believe the only solution is to stop the flow at source. #TurnofftheTap #breakfreefromplastic


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