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Scarab: For the Egyptians Khepri, the Scarab God, represented the rising sun and symbolised the renewal of life and the idea of eternal existence; the sun: the source of Earth’s energy; the scarab beetle: one of Nature’s recyclers. For us the scarab beetle can represent a sustainable future through responsible use of resources.


CORE Green Forum: established in the 1990s, as a sub-group of CORE (building industry information and networking) and was an early initiative in the field of sustainable building design and energy conservation.

CPRE: Council for the Protection of Rural England
Create Centre: Environment Centre in Bristol

EA: Environment Agency

Open Space: a form of workshop capable of delivering targeted outputs from a large set of conflicting inputs and perspectives

Sustainable Community: A sustainable community lives in harmony with its local environment and does not cause damage to distant environments or other communities - now or in the future. Quality of life and the interests of future generations are valued above immediate material consumption and economic growth.

WWF: World Wide Fund for Nature


a UK regional sustainable consumption research & reporting programme.