Meet the Team

Mark Johnston

Mark (Trustee) is a professional project manager, trainer/ facilitator/ mediator. He has worked in support of Climate Change, Youth Empowerment and Social Justice for more than 20 years. Currently working on changing behaviour around Litter and Plastics.


Extensive experience with Resource Management (renewables, energy efficiency, waste minimisation, zero waste), local groups and youth volunteering. 

He has worked with the Environment Agency; WWF/NatWest; Schumacher Society; Youth Action Network (empowering young people - Board Member); Organic Power Ltd (project managing development of a portable anaerobic digester); Western Partnership for Sustainable Development (Business Waste Minimisation projects; Green Office project, Green Business Club); Greenpeace, North Somerset Council (community projects - chairing LA21 local sustainability group for six years; School Governor on Education committee), School Councils UK (Marketing Manager / network magazine editor) and others. 

Arnie Vetter

Arnie (Trustee) is a professional project manager with a track record of delivering results in the renewables and environment industries. He has worked as a consultant and as a skilled researcher with experience in Negotiation, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Reputation Marketing and Business Planning. 


Among a wide range of other projects, Arnie has undertaken: multi-stakeholder projects within WWF-UK with strong communications and co-ordination requirements; Development & implementation of the Environment Agency REWARD programme; stakeholder projects for the Bulmer Foundation, assessing sustainable development impacts and an assessment of policy drivers affecting sustainable development at County level.

He is bilingual in English & German, qualified in Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Domestic Energy Assessment and the development of multi-media educational/learning materials.